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Horizons is seen here as a part of MIMAs current show 'Sonia Boyce in the Castle of My Skin' in which you see a large sculpture threading through the exhibition. Based on the shape of Fool's Gold it is clad in wallpapers made by Boyce since the early 1990s. Artworks by 12 contemporary artists and works from MIMAs collection interact with the ideas in Boyce's work.

Horizons is an ongoing project highlighting the marganilized stories of the fisherwomen of the North East coastline. This work has developed from my previous work The Weight of Salt.

25 Banners are being sewn by a growing collective of women in the manner of the skirts worn by the women of the fishing Industry. Each banner reveals the individuality of the maker. The tar on the back seals the stitches and the stories of the individual. 


The banners will form the backbone of the planned performance work 'Horizons' which will be performed on Culerrcoats Beach. The banners will be held aloft by female participants obscuring their faces and blocking the Horizon line. This act draws attention to women's stories, marginalised histories and gender inequalities.

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bannner detail ben hughes.jpeg

Photo credits Ben Hughes