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Horizon Banners

Penny Banners090.jpg

The banners were made by a collective of women from across the country. They all invested time and energy in creating these beautiful, almost sculpural hangings. 


Each maker was provided with three meters of fabric, needles, thread and simple instructions of how to fold and herringbone stitch the cloth. The number of pleats and the size of stitching was left to the creator. The banners took the individuals, sometimes mother/daughter or sister pairs, weeks to complete.


The banners reflect each participant, their spirit and individuality. Text was added under the pleats of one banner. Another sewer caught the pleats up on themselves like cresting waves. Many swapped the perscribed thread for bright coloured stitching. The painting of the sealing tar was left to the very end.


All the banners now reflect their role in the performance, sand covered and salt water marked.

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