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Penelope Payne. Horizon Banners. photo credit Ben Hughes




The Horizons performance project sees women, or those who identify as women, from around the country creating banners influenced by the skirts worn by the fisherwomen of Cullercoats.


Pleated and stitched the banners will be walked out into the shallows of Cullercoats Bay obscuring the horizon line. This work investigates ideas around, community, collaboration, female employment and the Sea.

 Please use the contact Email to get involved. 

Sewing instructions can be accessed via the pdf button.

With thanks to the growing collective; Caroline Hoy, Jill Hoy, Michelle Wood,

Sally Clark, Anne Payne, Fiona Hale, Blandine Martin, Claire Morton, Ella Beech, Lindsey Thompson, Judith Nellist, Tia Maria Taylor Berry, Louise Hayes,

Sue Hope, Kathy Backovitch, Maggie Latham, Helen Welford, Dawn Allen, Audrey Allen, Carole McCourt, Olivia Hogg, Rebecca Hogg, Elaine Riley,

Anne Oldham, Donna Cheshire, Marilyn Cain, Julie Cassels, Kelly Gillan,

Dianne Ford, Kate Bowen

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